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The time has come, we are excited to announce our third and final Keynote Speaker for the 2023 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2023)! It’s our pleasure to share that Dr. Barrero, Associate Professor at Queensland University, will be showcasing his research in agriculture, plant biosecurity, and human health. Please see more about our fantastic final Keynote Speaker, below!




Associate Professor Roberto Barrero Gumiel

Senior Bioinformatics Solutions Architect

Academic Division,

Research Portfolio,


“A/Professor Roberto Barrero has joined the Queensland University of Technology bringing his Bioinformatics expertise to contribute tackling real world problems in Agriculture, Plant Biosecurity and Human Health. He has led the bioinformatics analysis of a range of projects with applications in both the agricultural and biomedical domains. He has formal training in molecular biology and developed bioinformatics skills over 15 years working as part of large international collaboration consortia including Human Invitational Consortium, Rice Annotation Project, Cattle tick Genome Sequencing Consortium, and the International Barley Genome Consortium. He has conducted analysis and comparative genomics in crop plants, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, animal genomics and human diseases.


He has devised innovative strategies in experimental design in a range of large genomics initiatives in model and non-model species. He led the implementation of customized computational workflows to data analysis to enable advanced research applications, run bioinformatics workshops, and mentored and supervised other bioinformaticians and PhD students.


More recently, he led a multidisciplinary team at the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre to develop a plant diagnostic toolkit that accurately detects a range of viruses and viroids in a single test. Dr. Barrero and the team were awarded the ‘Biosecurity Impact Award 2018’ recognizing their measurable change to plant biosecurity by delivering research outcomes to end-users and change in policy for the quarantine screening of viruses in ornamental grasses. He has been invited to be the Project Coordinator of an international collaboration involving National Plant Protection Organizations from nine countries to harmonize standards and best practices for regulatory application of high throughput technologies for phytosanitary diagnostics.


We hope you are as excited as we about our three amazing Keynote Speakers for GCC2023!
See you all in Brisbane!



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