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It appears that you are attempting to directly name the output files. Instead, use a variable naming method that permits Galaxy to actually name the files accessed by the database, using <output> with <data> tags to link any working files (with "from_work_dir") and attach attributes (including metadata such as "format").

This section and the next is where in the Tool Config wiki you'll most likely want to start a review:

If you need a new datatype, this is the wiki that explains how to define one:

Hopefully this helps,

Galaxy team

On 4/3/14 5:13 AM, ANGELICA GOMEZ ROIG wrote:

I have made a wrapper that has a tool that giving it an input file, gives you two output files with known extension: .gem and .log
I call the tool with a python file, and I pass it the input file and the two output file names for galaxy to show them, but when I look into de database/files/000/ i get four files:
dataset_54.dat   (my first declared output that it's empty)
dataset_54.dat.gem (the output that throws the tool)
dataset_54.dat.log (the other output file that throws the tool)
dataset_55.dat (my second declared output that it's empty)
So,what I'm getting in the galaxy interface is  _54.dat and _55.dat, both empty, instead of _54.dat.gem and _54.dat.log that are the good ones.  How can I fix these?

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