I’ve recently installed a new galaxy server and I found some weird behaviors of admin jobs. 

First, a shared history can not be copied as a new history. For example, user A shared one of his history with user B. User B can see this shared history through “histories shred with me” link, but when user B clicks “copy” of this history nothing happened. However, user B can view this history if he clicks “view” but if he then clicks “import history”, a new galaxy home page will be displayed on the center panel (as shown in the attached screenshot).   

Second, the administer can only delete groups but he can not purge those deleted groups. In other words, when the administer clicks the “purge” button of a deleted group, nothing will happen on this group. It still shows on the table with status as “deleted”  

Third, when installed the “package_fontconfig_2_11_1” through tool shed, the status of this package always shows as “installing tool dependencies”. We restarted our galaxy server several times but this message never went away (it always shows on the “monitor installing repositories” page). 

We really have no idea how to fix these strange behaviors and the web log file also don’t have any error message. Any suggestion? Thank you.