Hi Dannon,


Thank you for your help, surprisingly now I can upload datasets to the data library without any change. I wanted to take a snapshot of the screen in a previous step to adding the datasets to the data library, before to make the changes in the files you explained in the link, when I realize that all works fine. I can't understand what happened.


Anyway here I attached the screen snapshot prior to the datasets were added to the Data library, and other snapshot showing that inexplicably everything is working fine now.




Juan Vladimir


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De: Dannon Baker
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Para: Juan Vladimir de la Rosa Medina
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Hi Juan,

I'm working on a few errors I've uncovered trying to track down your issue here, but my hunch is you're hitting a different one.  The branch is here if you want to try it: https://github.com/dannon/galaxy/commits/library_errors

Do you have any non-ascii characters in a particular field that you've noticed?  Perhaps in a dataset name, or filepath?  Barring that, can you send me a screenshot of exactly what you're seeing prior to running into the error?


On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 1:43 PM, Juan Vladimir de la Rosa Medina <jvdelarosa@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hello to everybody,


I’m trying to Access to my data files into a local instance of galaxy, installed in a virtual machine with Debian Jessie  8.2.0 (with Python 2.7.9 installed), using the data libraries as administrator (I’m handling big data files). To do this task I have changed the option library_import_path into the config/galaxy.ini file to the path (“/home/jvdelarosa/Bioinformatica/BioDatos/”) where my files are located, as is explained in the Galaxy wiki section (“Uploading Files to a Data Library”).


As administrator I can create a new data library, but when I’m trying to add datasets following the instructions explained in the section mentioned above, an error message is showed on the web browser.


“Error attempting to display contents of library (New data library): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128).”


I have to mention that I haven’t had any problem with other local galaxy instances I have installed in the past with the same O.S.


I have been searching on the web about the same problem in galaxy with no success.


Can anyone explain what’s happening with my local instance of galaxy and if there is any solution?


A lot of thanks in advance.


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