We got a problem with the new version of Data libraries. When we upload a fastq file from a User Directory, a tabulation character is added in the header in replacement of a space character.
from @HWI-D00395:188:HYGNFADXX:2:1108:1315:1965 1:N:0:ATGAGC to @HWI-D00395:188:HYGNFADXX:2:1108:1315:1965	1:N:0:ATGAGC

This behavior causes an error with cutadapt 1.6 (maybe with other tools) because it doesn't work with tab character.
With the direct upload tool or the deprecated version of Data Libraries no tab character is added. Do you have some idea to correct this problem? Thanks a lot Best regards --
Fabien Mareuil | Centre d'Informatique pour la Biologie fabien.mareuil@pasteur.fr | Institut Pasteur 25,28 rue du Docteur Roux 75015 Paris, France