I would like to create a code to backup and migrate(*) galaxy datas, based on the api and/or with the script I did here:

To do that, I would use the galaxy model, to retrieve everything in the old one and recreate everything in the new one.

However, I would like to be able to do that without my web server running. That is to say, a "cold" migration to avoid any current task to write additionnal things into the database. Obviously, that is a problem for the api because this one use the web server.

Could you give some advice to do that ? Should I recreate a code from 0 ? Could I use the code in the api ? Is there a way to create a code that could use the api differently (recreate a copy of the api without the web server) ?

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(*) this is important; that means you could import data from an old galaxy to a recent one (or the opposite); a simple backup of files and a dump of the db is not enough.