Still looking for an example tool_dependencies.xml to install R Cairo package

Farther update.

package_cairo_1_12_14 needs to be at the same level as package_r_3_1_2 inside of setup_r_environment  without the set_environment_for_install

I am no longer getting cairo.h No but am still getting

checking if R was compiled with the RConn patch... no
checking for ATS font support in Cairo... no
checking whether Cairo programs can be compiled...
ERROR: configuration failed for package ‘Cairo’

Again updated tool_dependencies.xml attached



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Subject: [galaxy-dev] Installing Cairo into Gakaxy

Hi All,

Has anyone got a working example tool_dependencies.xml to install the Cairo package into R.
(I actually need a package that depends on R Cairo but the current issue is Cairo)

I am having the cairo.h not found issue

I have cloned
(and its dependencies)

As well as

I am trying to use <action type="setup_r_environment">
But can not get the package_cairo to be seen by the R

I have tried  <action type="set_environment_for_install"> both inside and outside of the setup_r_environment but it does not appear to be working,

Full attempted tool_dependencies.xml attached,

Thanks in advance

University of Manchester