Dear all,

We experienced the same issue. In the current state, either we can't display the data using a genome browser, either we have to grant anonymous access. Was it considered a concern that datasets may be accessed without a login? If so, may I suggest to add an option so that we permit the download of datasets without login (they are still protected by the digest) without allowing anonymous access?


2013/7/29 Federico Zambelli <>
Dear all,

I'm running a local version of Galaxy using nginx as proxy and I have problems with the visualization of remote tracks (like .bam or .bigwig) on the UCSC genome browser. If I disable the anonymous login and then try to display a .bam or .bigwig file on UCSC genome browser I get this error:

redirected to non-http(s): /galaxy/root

If anonymous login is enabled then the track visualization works fine.
Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Federico Zambelli, Ph.D.
Bioinformatics, Evolution and Comparative Genomics Lab
Dept. of Biosciences
University of Milano - Italy

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