I am exploring the possibility of using a local galaxy installation for light bioinformatics on sequence data in the scope of an existing LIMS system. Ideally I would like to be able to do the following

  1. Push datasets from the LIMS to galaxy (directly into the user's account or into a fresh temporary session)
  2. Allow the user to perform tasks within galaxy, backtracking and retrying as necessary.
  3. Push the results along with the galaxy history (ideally converted to a workflow) back to the LIMS
  4. (Allow workflows stored in the LIMS to be pushed to Galaxy along with further datasets or even completely automatic launch of these workflows from within the LIMS)

Is this feasible? How much wrok would be required?

Since I am new to Galaxy (at least from the development side), I would very much appreciate comments advice and pointers to documentation or existing projects of a similar nature.


Thanks in advance,