I try to use the from_dataset param.

I have a tabular file with two columns : sequence and ids


I would like to let users select some sequences, based on the ids.


    <param name="seq" type="select" size="120" optional="false" multiple="true" label="Choose your sequences">

        <options from_dataset="target">

            <column name="name" index="1"/>

            <column name="value" index="0"/>





But I would like to be able to access not only the sequences data, but also the ids.

In the <command>  tag :

name=$seq.name : it give me “seq”, the name of my parameter

value=$seq.value : it gives me “atcgatcga,tagctacgatcg,aatctactacta”, that’s fine.


I would like to print the id of each sequence.

Is it possible ?


Thank you.





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