Hi there, 
I may need some help in debugging this:
I have added some files to a library, say foo.bed. I've changed (as admin) the name from "foo.bed" to "the foo dataset". I've imported this into my current history and if I try to visualize this bed file on the genome browser, I get this error:

http://host001.instruments.ifom-ieo-campus.it:8080/root/display_as?id=213&display_app=ucsc&authz_method=display_at: 404 Not Found

(host001 is the galaxy server).
If I download "the foo dataset" and reupload it to galaxy, the "display_as" doesn't work (same error). Strange enough, if I import a bed file from the genome browser (say some chrom.refseq.bed) I can visualize it back (so "display_as" is working). No strange logs...

Davide Cittaro

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