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"trans" is the object defined by the UniverseWebTransaction class in ~/lib/galaxy/__init__.py, and is available in any of the mako templates and controller methods, and many other methods as well.

In the future, please send questions like this to the galaxy-dev@bx.psu.edu mail list.

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On Nov 3, 2009, at 5:51 AM, Raghav Bhatnagar wrote:

Hi Greg
I have a very basic question but somehow I could not figure it out.
I am trying to get the details of current logged in user. I can get the workflows made by the user by mapping it from galaxy_user and storedworkflow table from universe.sqlite database. But I am having problem fetching the current logged in user.

Now I saw the python scripts and almost every file calls the function trans.get_user().
I could not figure out where the function is defined.
Please help me getting the id of the current logged in user.


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