I'm trying to enable the capability to submit jobs to a pbs cluster, however I am quite confused by the documentation. I don't know where I could specify the pbs server. I saw the following on the page:


   1 <plugins>
   2     <plugin id="pbs" type="runner" load="galaxy.jobs.runners.pbs:PBSJobRunner"/>
   3 </plugins>
   4 <destinations default="pbs_default">
   5     <destination id="pbs_default" runner="pbs"/>
   6     <destination id="other_cluster" runner="pbs">
   7         <param id="destination">@other.cluster</param>
   8     </destination>
   9     <destination id="long_jobs" runner="pbs">
  10         <param id="Resource_List">walltime=72:00:00,nodes=1:ppn=8</param>
  11         <param id="-p">128</param>
  12     </destination>
  13 </destinations>

is this <param id="destination"> the place you specify where your pbs/torque server? and the syntax is to prepend a '@' to the server name? for example, should a most basic config look like:

       <plugin id="pbs" type="runner" load="galaxy.jobs.runners.pbs:PBSJobRunner">
<destinations default="pbs">
           <destination id="pbs" runner="pbs" >
                 <param id="destination">@pbs_server_full_name</param>
                 <param id="Resource_List">walltime=72:00:00,nodes=1:ppn=8</param>
                 <param id="-q">myqueue</param>

I searched online and to my surprise I didn't find any useful information, or any working sample...please give me a hand guys!