I hope you can help with a question. I have a local installation of Galaxy we've been using for production runs with a certain project. In order to maintain consistency, we haven't done any upgrades in about a year. We recently installed a fresh up-to-date Galaxy on another server. Now that those production runs are almost complete, we'd like to migrate the data/files/histories from the old server to the new one. All the configuration between the old & new servers is exactly the same (same DB, same login criteria, same directory structures, etc). Also there is no data on the new server - it's perfectly fine to clobber it.
I intended to try the following procedure:
1) Copy the file repository from old to new.
2) Dump & import the database from old to new.
3) Upgrade the database schema on the new server.
However the upgrade procedure is failing with no status. As expected, the log file reports the following:
"Exception: Your database has version '43' but this code expects version '57'.  Please backup your database and then migrate the schema by running 'sh upgrade'."
But the script simply does nothing but run & exit. The database does not get upgraded & there's no output from the script. I tried the "verbose", "debug", and "force" flags, but nothing happens.

Should this work? If so, do you have any suggestions how to get the DB upgraded?
If my migration procedure is incorrect, how should I go about it?

Thanks very much,
Chris Zaleski