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I’ve done the recently announced security update for my running release which is 15.01.  I figured I had better switch to git now while I was at it.  However I’m having trouble matching revisions in git.


I have looked at the instructions in the Develop/SourceCode page of the Wiki.  I’ve used git log show-notes=hg2git after fetching them.  It seems those notes stop at changeset 16698 while I am now showing changeset 17151 with the hg log –b $(hg branch) command and 17161 with hg tip.


What should my next step be?

Hi Sheldon,

The notes cover the period up to when we switched to git, nothing after that point. Since you are on a "point" release of Galaxy post-git-migration (17151:7ca8f0ecb2ae == 15.01.4), you can use the `v15.01.4` tag in Git to get updated to the same version.








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