I recently encountered a problem when trying to run Cufflinks on eight BAM files on our galaxy instance (via the multi-input toggle) and received the error: "Unable to run job due to a misconfiguration of the Galaxy job running system" for some, but not all, of the cufflinks jobs that appear in the history. These particular BAM files were copied over from the history of a larger workflow where they were successfully run through cufflinks. In the case of the problem workflow run, the cufflinks jobs are all successfully submitted to Torque PBS and continue to run and finish but many have this error displayed in the History. The jobs with the error displayed fail to copy files from the working directory to the database directory despite running to completion. We recently updated to galaxy-central changeset 6131:be6c89c33639. I have seen this error multiple times for this workflow, even after restarting galaxy. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going wrong?

Thanks for any help,
Andrew Warren