I’m trying the latest Galaxy (git status gives me : # On branch release_16.07)


I’ve set the xsend option in galaxy.ini (in order to run Galaxy behind a web server proxy, and apply all methods described here : https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/ApacheProxy)

apache_xsendfile = True


HTML, gff3,tabular files are just fine but the preview of some other files (txt, csv)  is broken on the interface.


When I want to preview a txt file :

Not Found

The requested URL /datasets/fd1df6a9052810d5/display/ was not found on this server.


And apache says :

[Thu Aug 18 15:33:48 2016] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: xsendfile: cannot open file: /softs/bioinfo/galaxy-prod/database/files/000/dataset_19.dat, referer: http:


But it looks like this is not really a problem related to access.

Indeed, from the same file, I switch it from txt to tabular (edit attributes), the preview works.


Are you able to reproduce the behavior ?

The same problem occurs on release_16.01.

It’s fine with  the release v15.05 which is my production server right now.