Hi All,

As you may have heard the Open Genome Informatics proposal was accepted for GSoC 2017.  That proposal covers all the GMOD projects, including Galaxy.  One of projects in the proposal was: 

Project Publication Reference Tracking (Galaxy/Reactome)

Assuming that this item gets prioritized for funding, and that we find a great student, then this will be worked on this summer.  Hopefully we'll end up with a great tool that any open source community can use to keep track of publications that reference it.

If having a tool that helps you track publications that use your resource interests you then please keep reading below.  

If not, then thanks for your time,

Dave C

Building a community

I've been reading the GSoC Mentoring Manual (one of the authors is Duke Leto) and one of the things it suggests is getting the student engaged with the community.  The community for this proposal isn't Galaxy or Reactome or GMOD per se (although GMOD is pretty close).  The community is folks at open source projects that want to track references to their projects (which includes those who run bio DBs, public Galaxy Servers, and the various GMOD component projects).

I'd like to build that community now.  If you are interested in this topic, and maybe in helping to provide guidance for a GSoC student then please let me know.* If I hear from enough people I'll create a mailing list.  If not, we'll just use email (and probably a Gitter channel).

Also, if anyone knows of tool that already does this, please let me know.  I don't want to reinvent the wheel this summer.  Galaxy does this using lots of email alerts, CiteULike, and some custom scripts (they work sort of, but oh the horror!).  I've got a 6 page doc describing the current process that I've sent to every potential GSoC student who has contacted me.  First thing I'll do is send that to those that are interested.


Dave C.

* You can also post to the whole list, but I'm trying to cut down on noise in people's email.