And, in case you missed the meetup, slides and video are now available:

Thanks to Marius and Nate for their presentations and time.

Dave C

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 7:29 AM, Hans-Rudolf Hotz <> wrote:

quick reminder: the meetup will start in ~30 minutes

the link is:


On 02/11/2016 02:03 PM, Hans-Rudolf Hotz wrote:
Hello all,

The next GalaxyAdmins online meetup is next week, on Thursday, February
18 at 5PM CET (see your local time to know when to connect:

The featured topics are:

  - Automating Galaxy deployment @ the pros and cons of
Ansible, presented by Marius van den Beek

  - The Wheels on the Galaxy go round and round: Python Wheels in
Galaxy, presented by Nate Coraor

The meetup will use the same Adobe Connect technology used on previous
calls. The 'Meeting Room Link' will be provided on the wiki page in
time. It takes a couple of minutes to connect, so you are encouraged to
start connecting a few minutes early.

Looking forward to our first gathering in 2016

Dave C and Hans-Rudolf