Thanks for your reply Danon


 I have tried to setup local galaxy-server in production mode


 The error that I mentioned occurred when I tried to upload file from my pc to local galaxy server( galaxy server is also installed in same pc )


 and my galaxy server is at the root of the domain (


 the attached file is screenshot of error and the other attached file is my nginx configuration file 


 Thanks for your effort in helping me 





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Hi Johngui,
Can you specify which request is 404'ing -- the exact URL that's being attempted?
And, can you provide a little more of your nginx configuration?  Is galaxy being served at the root of the domain?

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 2:01 AM, ȫ < > wrote:

 Hi galaxy-dev members


Recently we're trying to setup the galaxy server in a production mode.


Everything seems to be ok


but when I tried to upload  a file it shows error message like this


Failed: Not found(404)


I found one thread in galaxy-dev fourn about this one


It says that it's because of change in proxy server configuration


So I set exactly what was written in Galaxy wiki about nginx configuration related to proxy setting like below


set $dst /api/tools;


Should I change some oher configuration ?


Any kind of suggestion would be welcomed





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