Thanks Peter!

I found 2.6 ( so I will go ahead and try that with galaxy and see if the problem goes away.


On 2/2/11 12:07 PM, "Peter Cock" <> wrote:

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 6:02 PM, John David Osborne <> wrote:
> I have (or rather had) a functional galaxy installation on a CentOS box
> running python 2.4. I did an mecurial update for the first time and broke my
> installation. It looks like some eggs are getting out of date and when I run
> I get an error (see below). I’m guessing this is because
> scramble expects python 2.5 or above for the import (import in 2.4 I don’t
> believe takes arguments).

Sounds like a bug.

> My question is does galaxy really still support 2.4 and should I move to
> python 2.7 (the current stable version) because the wiki just mentions
> versions 2.4 to 2.6 as being supported.

There is currently a check to prevent Galaxy running on Python 2.7,
but if you remove that at the very least you'll see lots of deprecation
warnings. So we decided to go with Python 2.6 here. See also:

I personally have no objection to Galaxy dropping support for
Python 2.4 (in a timely manor to give existing users time to plan),
it would give a bit more flexibility when writing tools for Galaxy.