I'm a user of Galaxy, I think Galaxy is a good idea except some small parts.

1. Progress Bar for uploading file

I know that implement a progress bar for every tool is quite hard.

But maybe it's not so hard for displaying the current percent of uploading, it's really helpful and comfortable for users (a countdown timer will be better).

2. Drag and Drop 

I've used gmail on my firefox, and I really like the function of "Drag & Drop" when I upload attachments.

With this function, I can drag multiple small files (for example,'bed' files) in the special region of the page, which is easy to use.

3.Start automatically when uploading finished

Some large files, need quite a long time before the uploading finished.

We need to wait until the uploading is done because we cannot assign a task to an unfinished uploading file.

Maybe we can pre-assign tasks for them, and we can go to other works when we finish doing this, because the operation will automatically apply to them when they have been uploading completely.

I can imagine a story like this:

I am quite tired after a whole day's busy work, but some sequencing data still need to be analyzed because I will show it to my boss tommorow. Then I think of GALAXY can do it well. I open the GALAXY, drag in several sequencing data, and assign a workflow to deal 

with the data in 2 minutes. Then I can go to sleep safely because GALAXY will run the workflow automatically when uploading is finished. When I get to GALAXY the next day, all the preliminary results are show on the page of GALAXY.

I think it's really cool because it will reduce a lot of repetitive works for the user, and in my opinion, that is the REAL biology analysis platform.

Best Wishes,
Hanfei Sun