Hi Bjoern

thanks for the reply. I previously did not find this in the API documentation but had a look now again (http://galaxy.readthedocs.org/en/master/api_doc.html#module-galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api) and found things have changed quite a bit (or did I miss something previously?)

I assume I need the lda_datasets module, but this does not contain an update functionality for the metadata (only for the permissions). An alternative would be the library_contents module which does have update but from the docs I’m not sure how to use this (e.g. what’s the trans parameter?). 

Any pointers to docs or examples?



On 20 Aug 2015, at 19:41, Bjoern Gruening <bjoern.gruening@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Frederik,

at least with the API this is possible!

Sorry for not being helpful at all!

> Hi
> is there a convenient way to change the genome build for a lot of
> files at once (e.g. a whole data library)?
> I want to ‘update’ to a newer genome build and the only way I found
> is to go through ‘Edit information’ for each file separately. I
> assume it can be changed directly in the db, but I’m not familiar
> with the scheme.
> thanks
> Frederik
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