Hi all,

We have been developing our own Galaxy instance for a while now. We have a cluster on which the job are sent to be executed, it is managed through SGE. Usually, communication between SGE and DRMAA is ok and we don't have any problem with that.

When a job is deleted by the user, most of the times, the job disappears but sometimes, we don't know why, the job stays and has the status 'dr' within SGE. If we don't kill it 'manually', it stays forever. It is not always the same tools which produces this error.
Have you any idea why how manage it ?

We have another problem, a display one.
Since the last update, we experienced problem with the history. Launching a job, it was very long to appear in the history and we had to refresh.
We got a more recent version of firefox and it seems that we don't have the problem anymore. But some user of ours can't update their firefox. Are you aware of that problem ?

Genouest Platform, Rennes - FRANCE