Hi All,

I'm a newbie to galaxy and enjoying it a lot these days. Thanks for the great work.

I have a question regarding contribution of software to galaxy. We developed a ChIP-seq peak calling algorithm and software (R package) and hope to contribute it to galaxy. I have read the wiki and prior mailing list about the contribution system but it is still somewhat confusing to me.

1. It seems that I can contribute our software to "tool shed" if I prepare appropriate code & definition files. Then, users can download and use it with their locally installed galaxy. However, these files committed to tool shed will not appear in galaxy main or test servers. Am I correct?

2. What is clear relationship between main/test servers & tool shed? Can we contribute our software to main or test servers as well? Or only galaxy core developers can add new tools to galaxy main or test servers? If so, which software is considered to be added to servers? Are they chosen from tools contributed to tool shed?

3. If our software is a R package, then users need to download and install it first in their R system before they use our software within their galaxy system even in the case they have appropriate definition files. Am I right? Or is there any better solution for this?