Hi Jen,

Thank you for the suggestions. I did try to log in to Galaxy under User -->Login. The password is the one I use for the Galaxy Main. However, it gives me the error message "No such user (please note that login is case sensitive)". I do not see a place to set Admin password in the universe_wsgi.ini file.

Here is how I setup the Admin permissions under Users and Security in the universe_wsgi.ini file:
1. id_secrete = gave a mix of numbers and letters
2. use_remote_user = True
3. remote_user_maildomain = Tilahun.Abebe@uni.edu
4. remote_user_logout_href = None
5. Admin_users = Tilahun.Abebe@uni.edu
6. require_login = True
7. allow_user_creation = False
8. allow_user_deletion = True
9. allow_user_impersonation = True
10. allow_user_dataset_purge = True
11. new_user_dataset_access_role_default_private = True

Can you check and let me know information I missed?



On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 4:53 PM, Jennifer Jackson <jen@bx.psu.edu> wrote:
Hello Tilahun,

Are you logged into your Galaxy instance UI using your admin account? This will display the Admin menu.

Admin permissions are set up in the universe_wsgi.ini file:

# -- Users and Security

< other items >

# Administrative users - set this to a comma-separated list of valid Galaxy
# users (email addresses).  These users will have access to the Admin section
# of the server, and will have access to create users, groups, roles,
# libraries, and more.  For more information, see:
# http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Admin/Interface
#admin_users = None

Hopefully this solves the issue. Going forward, you'll probably find that the galaxy-dev@bx.psu.edu mailing list is the most helpful for local install questions:


Galaxy team

On 5/8/12 2:10 PM, Tilahun Abebe wrote:
Hi Galaxy users,

I tried to install cutadapt for sequence trimming on a local Galaxy
instance. I successfully installed Galaxy as an administrator. However,
when Galaxy starts, I don't see the administrator option in the top menu
bar with the "Analyze Data, Workflow, Shared Data, Visualization, Help,
and User". It looks like the only way I can install cutadapt is with an
administrator option. Any suggestion how I can include the administrator
option in the menu?

Thanks for your help.


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