Our team is now testing our integrated tools under galaxy testing framework.
At present, we are trying to test the '<repeat>' elements in one of our tools, e.g.
<repeat name="replicates" title="Replicate">
      <param name="tfile" type="data" label="Treatment file"/>
      <param name="cfile" type="data" label="Control file"/>

we tried add the following section into the <test> tag and ran the test, but did not make it.
    <param name="tfile" value="ma2c_treatment_ce4.pair" />
    <param name="tfile" value="ma2c_treatment_ce5.pair" />

after searching all over the internet, we were not able to come up with any solution (maybe we missed).
I dont know if it proper to ask you a question like this. but we are kinda desprated for this issue.
Could you please kindly tell us, how to write the test section when there are two or more 'replicates' inputed?
Appreciate so much.