In the latest galaxy-dist version when running the system cleanup commands in the documented order I get an error when running the purge_datasets.sh script:

sh delete_userless_histories.sh
sh purge_histories.sh
sh purge_libraries.sh
sh purge_folders.sh
sh delete_datasets.sh
sh purge_datasets.sh
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "./scripts/cleanup_datasets/cleanup_datasets.py", line 518, in <module>
   if __name__ == "__main__": main()
 File "./scripts/cleanup_datasets/cleanup_datasets.py", line 116, in main
   purge_datasets( app, cutoff_time, options.remove_from_disk, info_only = options.info_only, force_retry = options.force_retry )
 File "./scripts/cleanup_datasets/cleanup_datasets.py", line 353, in purge_datasets
   _purge_dataset( app, dataset, remove_from_disk, info_only = info_only )
 File "./scripts/cleanup_datasets/cleanup_datasets.py", line 478, in _purge_dataset
   print "Error attempting to purge data file: ", dataset.file_name, " error: ", str( exc )
 File "/gpfshpc/software/pmrdcdb/galaxy/galaxy_dist_dev/lib/galaxy/model/__init__.py", line 651, in get_file_name
   assert self.object_store is not None, "Object Store has not been initialized for dataset %s" % self.id
AssertionError: Object Store has not been initialized for dataset 58

What could be going wrong?