Hello Peter,

My recent change set 7753:c28c5f906c6b added the ability to view a tool shed repository's README file from the pop-up menu on pages in the tool shed repository as well as in the Galaxy Admin UUI for installed repositories.  Since many of these README files are rather large, I needed to display them on a separate page, hence the need for the new Repository Actions popup menu "View README" item.  

On Aug 28, 2012, at 9:48 AM, Peter Cock wrote:

This works only if
using the tool shed installation process, so for example, if
installing the venn_list repository, clicking "Install to local Galaxy"
in this screenshot:

Ah. I see now it just isn't doing what I expected - apologies for
any misdirection.

I had assumed if a README file was present, it would be shown
prominent while browsing on the ToolShed. On closer examination
of an example repository where there is a file named exactly
'README' (e.g. fubar's clustalw tool) that isn't shown either.

Is there any reason not to show the contents of the README file
(using the discussed name variations) on the main ToolShed
repository view, e.g. under a new yellow section header?