Hi Jochen,

I recently did this. Instructions are here:

This has worked for me:
(~/galaxy-dist is my production galaxy dir)
cd ~
git clone https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy.git
cd galaxy
git reset --hard 3f1cec451f6dadee52a70a14fc6f6899f7aacdae
cd ~/galaxy-dist
hg update 17115
mv .hg .hg_backup
cp -R ~/galaxy/.git .
git pull (at this point I got a merge error!)
so I did: 
git diff > local_changes.diff
cat local_changes.diff |patch -p1 -R
git pull 
git checkout release_15.05


On 21 July 2015 at 11:36, Jochen Bick <jochen.bick@usys.ethz.ch> wrote:

is it possible to change from bitbucket to git? So I would like
future-update my galaxy from git instead from bitbucket.

Cheers Jochen
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