Hi, Richard

How many histories are on your account? How many datasets (roughly)?

Are you using an Admin account to view the histories and does the slow down still occur for regular users with large amounts of data?

One of the exposed attributes of datasets (for admins - not other users generally) is the file_name. I've noticed that retrieving this attribute from the file system can be slow.

Christian also provides good advice.

On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 4:12 AM, Christian Brenninkmeijer <christian.brenninkmeijer@manchester.ac.uk> wrote:
Hi Richard,

I am relatively new to galaxy so if you get a different response from one of the core team ignore this.

One thing I would check is the underlying database.
What do you have set for "database_connection" in your galaxy.ini file.

Especially if you are using the default sqlite this could be the issue. As that is store in a single file on disk.

Whichever database you have make sure it has enough resources to handle what will now be a large size.


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Hi all,

I am having trouble right now with my own personal account on my production server. Grid refreshes are taking a huge amount of time (e.g. when viewing ‘saved histories’ or even generating the dataset list for a single history). My account is very full of data (1TB), could it be this?

There are no obvious messages in the logs though so I am a bit stumped as to why.I do not have the same trouble when impersonating other users with fairly full accounts. Perhaps a database issue (I do not know how to ‘cleanup’ the database or indeed Galaxy user accounts). Any thoughts?


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