This is not a Galaxy problem per se, but a problem during Galaxy setup so maybe others will have an insight.


So we’re installing our own Galaxy for production / general use. I’ve been following the config and advanced config guides and installed Galaxy in its own account and home directory. It runs off the built-in web-server fine - the problem comes when I try to put it through an Apache proxy. Galaxy has to run off a subdirectory (http://foobar/galaxy) and if I just rewrite everything through there (RewriteRule ^/galaxy(.*) http://localhost:7070$1 [P]), it works fine.


The problem comes when I introduce the rewrite rules to have Apache serve the static content directly. None of the static content shows up and the error log shows “(13) permission denied” errors. Things I have tried:


·         Logged the rewrite calls to see they rewrite to the correct paths for the static content

·         Checked the proxy-filter and filter-with declarations

·         Checked the unix permissions on the static dir

·         Tested for non-existent or incorrect paths (which generate a different error)

·         Inserted directory declarations to “Allow from all” for the static dir

·         Checked for and tried .htaccess files

·         SELinux is disabled


I feel I must have a blindspot about the solution – any ideas about where else to look? Technical details: cloned the latest Galaxy distribution, running on Fedora 9, Apache 2.2.



Paul Agapow (

Bioinformatics, Centre for Infections, Health Protection Agency


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