Dear Galaxy developers,
I am interested in adding a download link to the “Download or Export Workflow” page of a workflow. I am able to add the link through the files in the templates directory and correctly add the necessary API functions in the lib/webapps/galaxy/controllers/ file.
I wanted to ask for some help in figuring out what I might be missing when I try to download a file when I have load balancing feature activated. The page looks something like this:

Download to File

Download workflow to file so that it can be saved or imported into another Galaxy server.

New Test Download ( test file)

URL for Importing to Another Galaxy

This workflow must be accessible before it can be imported into another Galaxy.

As you can see I added the “New test Download” link.
I have added and tested the function which gets me the information about the workflow I want correctly. For now it’s just a “hello world” string.
When I don’t use load balancing I get the contents I want downloaded to the file correctly.
However, when I activate load balancing, it only downloads an empty file. I can print the contents of the test download file to the galaxy log, but as I said nothing gets printed on the actual file.

Is there some javascript code I also need to add for this functionality that I might be missing such that the download works with load balancing? As I mentioned I do get a proper download when load balancing is not activated. BTW, all other existing download links work properly with both load balancing and no load balancing.