I've "inherited" a galaxy setup from someone (details: a contractor set it up but left it unfinished so I'm completing the job while discovering and documenting what was done). The catch: it's setup as a twin galaxy instance with one as a front-end web-server and the other as the job runner.

Admittedly the documentation is lighter on this sort of setup, but I've been able to puzzle it out until getting to the issue of toolsheds. We have a large number of  custom tools we want to install from our own toolshed and the main Galaxy one. The problem: I'm not clear on how this supposed to work. Once I started installing tools, of course they all appeared in the front-end toolshed and are running on the front-end. Understandable - but not what I wanted. Does this mean that for every custom tool I install, I have to go to every Galaxy instance (frontend and job-runners) and install the tools into their toolshed? It would seem so, but this seems ... awkward.

tl;dr: Toolsheds and job-ruuners - how is that supposed to work? Is there a convenient way to handle this? Any pointers to documentation or experience?

Paul Agapow (pma@agapow.net)