I have created a ticket for this issue here (https://trello.com/c/jxqT0ndZ).

When the file is in the incorrect state (extension missing from the download) - if you close out your browser tab and reopen it in a new window and try to download the file does it still exhibit the problem (indicating a client-side problem instead of a server metadata/datatype issue)?


On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 7:49 AM, Lukasse, Pieter <pieter.lukasse@wur.nl> wrote:



This issue is appearing again, after the upgrade of our Galaxy on October the 23rd....anyone experiencing the same?






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Hi Alex, all


FYI – I’ve added the card to https://trello.com/c/ro8knsaa  some time ago. Can you please vote for it?






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I just experienced the same with another generic tabular .tab file output. It broke the filename at dash without any extension.

The file itself was ok, just the name.




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Apparently a new datatypes bug has been introduced in the Galaxy version of last week:


I have a tool that generates a csv file. Tool configuration is like this:


  <data name="simOut" format="msclust.csv" label="${tool.name} on ${on_string} - SIM file"/>


The datatypes has this entry:

<datatype extension="msclust.csv" type="galaxy.datatypes.tabular:Tabular" mimetype="text/csv" display_in_upload="true" subclass="true"/>


At first Galaxy output seems fine:


But when I download the file, the downloaded file name will be : Galaxy40-[MsClust_on_data_1_-_SIM_file]-


When I go to “edit attributes” and just click “save”, then upon downloading again, the file name is correct... Galaxy40-[MsClust_on_data_1_-_SIM_file].msclust.csv  .


Anyone faced this issue?


Thanks and regards,




Pieter Lukasse

Wageningen UR, Plant Research International

Departments of Bioscience and Bioinformatics

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Wageningen, the Netherlands

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