Firstly this is my first post to the list so be gentle :D


We have been looking at the Galaxy in the Cloud option for our researchers


We have been doing a fair bit of reading on the various source but haven’t found any solid answers to the following questions:


-When it is started (AWS account setup and launched from the “new cloud cluster link”) how much config is required to get it running all the tools such as megablast, Bowtie, Tophat etc?

(We have also been setting up a local install of Galaxy but are struggling with the setup of these tools that don’t come bundled with the base Galaxy install)


-What size AWS cluster would be required to support a class of 20 or so students running a range of relatively short tasks with Megablast, Bowtie, Tophat, Fastq Groomer, SAM tools?


-how is the AWS charge calculated does it run while the cluster is available or just for the actual compute time used? Ie Could setup it up and have it ready but while it isn’t processing data it’s not costing anything?






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