512 is the unix UID (userid) and GID (groupid) of the user running the galaxy daemon.

This should be adapted to meet your situation. in our case it is 1009 and 100 for example.

Look it up using :

$> id **the username running galaxy**

best regards

Geert Vandeweyer

On 06/15/2012 03:35 PM, Misharl mon wrote:

Hi everybody,

I'm configuring Proftpd so that it can work with Galaxy installed in a cluster. I don't understand why for the UID and GID, it has been chosen the number "512"?

# Define a custom query for lookup that returns a passwd-like entry.  UID and GID should match your Galaxy user.
SQLUserInfo                     custom:/LookupGalaxyUser
SQLNamedQuery                   LookupGalaxyUser SELECT "email,password,'512','512','/home/nate/galaxy_dist/database/ftp/%U','/bin/bash' FROM galaxy_user WHERE email='%U'"

Because, when a galaxy user tries to connect via filezilla to upload files, the Proftpd server 's logs shows:    chdir (/work/...): Permission denied . I think i have a problem with the UID and GID which doesn't match somehow?

Thanks in advance to all.


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