The API interface is translating my parameters into python repr strings instead of actual strings.

A command that should look like this: /minilims/galaxy-data/primerTemplates/nextera.2x.primers.fasta NNNNNN NNNNNN > /slipstream/galaxy/production/data/files/020/dataset_20664.dat

is getting run as this: /minilims/galaxy-data/primerTemplates/nextera.2x.primers.fasta object at 0x792be10__gt__ NNNNNN > /slipstream/galaxy/production/data/files/020/dataset_20728.dat

The input table in the tool info page is:
Input ParameterValueNote for rerun
chemistry type:< object at 0x7fee4425ca10>
First barcodeNNNNNN
Second (optional) barcodeNNNNNN

Iím running a slightly out of date version of Galaxy (I think it is change set 11080:87b586afb054) because this is BioTeamís Slipstream appliance. Is there any chance this is a known bug? I didnít see anything in Trello, but Iím really not sure Iíve got the hang of Trello yet.