In short:
Question: How can I "save" a static snapshot...?
You can't yet.

Question: If so, can I then ...recreate the pie chart?
No, not yet.

Overall, these are features that we definitely want and we are working towards them. Questions remain for me, if I understand your original questions, about these two features.

Re: saving a visualization to a history: 
In any event, I think more flexible conversion of visualizations to hardcopies is doable with some added backend technology like ImageMagick to render SVG to PNG, etc. If also wrapped in a tool, this would let us add these to the history.

Re: generating a visualization from a workflow:

I think the main problem here is translation of what may be a more complex visualization UI (to control the configuration) to something that can be more simply rendered in a workflow page (as tool configurations are now). At least some of the configuration could be handled this way, at any rate - things like Chart's chart type, and data columns, etc. 

There are ways to pass visualization configurations directly over the url, so this may be easier than I think too.

These are good ideas. Thanks, Peter.

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 7:46 AM, Peter Cock <> wrote:
On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 11:24 AM, Peter Cock <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm hoping to construct a workflow which produces a simple tally table
> (using the "Count1" tool, "Count occurrences of each record", which is
> still shipped with the Galaxy core) and then draws this as a Pie Chart.
> 1. Using "Count1", generate tally table (a simple two column tabular file,
> counts and labels as c1 and c2) in the history.
> 2. Click on the tally table in the history to expand the green box
> 3. Click on the "Visualize" icon, pick "Charts", click on "Pie Chart"
> 4. Click "Draw" or the "Configuration" tab.
> 5. Change donut ratio to zero, show legend to true, and show labels
> output to true.
> 6. Click "Draw" or the "Add Data" tab.
> 7. Under "Select Columns", "Labels", pick c2
> 8. Under "Select Columns", "Values", keep default c1
> 9. Click "Draw"
> 10. Admire interactive Pie Chart
> 11. Click "Screenshot", offered PNG / SVG / PDF but these are
> only direct downloads (well, PDF is more complicated).
> Question: How can I "save" a static snapshot of the Pie Chart as a
> new history item (other than downloading it locally and then uploading
> it)?
> Question: If so, can I then turn this history into a workflow which
> would recreate the pie chart?
> As a work around I could write a traditional Galaxy tool which takes
> as input data files(s) and pre-sets the columns and visualisation
> settings, and produces static image(s) as output (e.g. PDF and PNG).
> Peter

I should add that I've tried this on both the latest Galaxy from GitHub
running locally as my development server, and with the current stable
release at

Also the "Screenshot" button has a camera icon (makes sense). I'd
like a "Save" button (using the disk icon) as well or instead. Meanwhile
the "Draw" button (used in steps 4, 6, 9) has a disk icon which seems
somewhat confusing to me (it doesn't save - it takes you to another
interactive page within Galaxy).

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