no - not a typo. The tool can process both.
It's just my naming, because I use it for fastq.
I'll change the help tag.

2015-06-25 3:44 GMT-05:00 Peter Cock <>:
Hi Alexander,

If this wasn't a collection, I would expect  format_source to work
(possibly also using metadata_source="fastq_input1"), so perhaps
this is a bug - John?


P.S. Your help caption and output label both say FASTQ, but the
input also allows FASTA input. Typo?

On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 2:39 AM, Alexander Vowinkel
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an input, that can be fasta,fastqsanger,fastqillumina:
> <param name="fastq_input1" type="data"
> format="fasta,fastqsanger,fastqillumina" label="Select the fastq file"
> help="Specify fastq file with reads"/>
> I have multiple outputfiles - bundled in a list collection:
> <collection name="split_output" type="list" label="@OUTPUT_NAME_PREFIX@ on
> ${on_string} (Fastq Collection)" format_source="fastq_input1">
>     <discover_datasets pattern="__name_and_ext__" directory="splits" />
> </collection>
> The format_source parameter doesn't work - the files in the list (extension
> fq) are of format "fq"
> How can I make it possible that they are fasta,fastqsanger,fastqillumina
> depending on fastq_input1?
> Thanks,
> Alexander
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