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As many of you are interested in visualization I wanted to draw your attention to this NEW course on biological data visualization at Cold Spring Harbor, which is being led by some of our colleagues at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (who provide substantial support for Galaxy main). It will be very interesting to think about how immersive visualizations can be implemented in Galaxy in the future.

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From: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory <meetmail@cshl.edu>
Date: Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:02 AM
Subject: Immersive Approaches to Biological Data Visualization CSHL Course December 2016
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December 1 - 10, 2016
Applications due: August 15
Kelly Gaither, Texas Advanced Computing Center
Matthew Vaughn, Texas Advanced Computing Center

This course will explore the new frontier of immersive, interactive scientific visualization. It is aimed at researchers who wish to design and implement innovative visualization tools to help address biological or biomedical research questions. As part of their research programs, course participants will ideally have a need to visualize genomic or systems biology data, anatomical structures and models, scientific simulations, and/or other domains that generate complex, multidimensional, and often very large data sets.

Through a combination of detailed lectures and intensive hands-on computing exercises led by course instructors, students will learn the principles of information and scientific visualization. However, rather than relying on simplified representations of complex data, students will learn these visualization principles within the newly emerging context of immersive augmented and virtual reality. They will work with tools such as Unity 3D and Blender, as well as scripting environments such as Bash and Python, to craft data visualizations using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Leap Motion gesture sensor. Students will apply the concepts and techniques covered in class exercises to create an independent virtual reality data visualization project. Additionally, the hands-on training will be supplemented by guest lectures from some of the leading experts working in data visualization today.

Selected Major Topics
  • Overview of Scientific Visualization
  • Perception & Color
  • Information Visualization
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Importing Scientific Data into an Immersive Visualization Framework
  • Tool Development Using Oculus and Leap Motion
Invited Speakers

Min Chen, Oxford University, U.K.
David Ebert, Purdue University School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Kosara, Tableau Software, Inc.
Brian McCann, Texas Advanced Computing Center
Mariah Meyer, University of Utah
Hanspeter Pfister, Harvard University School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Amitabh Varshney, University of Maryland College Park

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