Thanks for your praise.
Yes, we are trying to develop CAPER into an integrated knowledge discovery platform for -omics datasets, no only the C-HPP data.
We are sorry that there is no package for CAPER to the local installation. And we are now considering to make one.
Dong Li


发件人: Ira Cooke
发送时间: 2013-12-06 03:10:57
收件人: Dave Clements
抄送: Galaxy Proteomics List; Dong Li; Dan Wang
主题: Re: [galaxy-proteomics] CAPER: A new proteomics Galaxy Server
This looks great.

I particularly like the modification of trackster to show MS/MS spectra ... that is very cool.

Some of the functions of CAPER look like they would be useful outside the C-HPP ... for different organisms for example.  Is there any way we can install these features into a local galaxy?  


On 6 Dec 2013, at 4:26 am, Dave Clements <> wrote:

Hello all (proteomaticians?),

Please welcome a new public Galaxy server to the Galaxy proteomics community:

CAPER: An Interactive, Configurable, and Extensible Workflow-Based Platform to Analyze Data Sets from the Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project.

The full entry from the page is below.  There are online tutorials, and email support is offered by Dong Li and Dan Wang, both CC'd here.

Also, please tell them what a spectacularly great email list this is, so that they will subscribe to it.  ;-)

Happy December!

Dave C


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