Hello all,

After watching from afar, I decided to attend last year's GOBLET meeting in Toronto.  I was impressed enough with that meeting to argue that GTN should become a member of GOBLET in 2015, and thanks to the contributions of 5 GTN member organizations, GTN is now a member of GOBLET.

The 2015 GOBLET meeting will be in Cape Town in November.  GTN will be represented by Fourie Joubert of the University of Pretoria. Fourie is our first GTN member in Africa and has been teaching bioinformatics with Galaxy for several years.

I'd like to start a discussion about the issues that GTN cares about and how we can help GOBLET, and how GOBLET can help us.  Fourie can then raise whatever issues we identify at the meeting.

If you have items for discussion, please post them to this thread. I'll post something in the next day or two.

And many thanks to Hans-Rudolf Hotz and Björn Grüning for raising the GTN/GOBLET 2015 question with me, and to Fourie for agreeing to represent GTN at this meeting.


Dave C