Hi All,

Maria Doyle will be officially representing GTN at the GOBLET AGM in Brisbane, early next month.  Maria works at PeterMac in Melbourne and is a Galaxy veteran.  Two other Galaxy veterans, Annette McGrath of CSIRO and Igor Makunin of U Queensland, will also be there to present Galaxy savvy points of view.

I'd like to come up with a list of agenda items for Maria to present on behalf of GTN.

Last year's list:  

Last year we discussed what our priorities for the GOBLET meeting should be. and came up with this list.  Here's what I think happened with those 5 items:

1. Enable/Host online discussion about bioinformatics training.

As far as I can tell no action has been taken.

2. Either start sending a regular newsletter, or stop saying we have one.

This has been started.

3. Should GOBLET offer a bioinformatics trainer certification?

I have no emails since the last meeting with the words GOBLET and certify/certification in them.  So, no progress.

And from Peter VH during last year's meeting:

There is not really a concept of Goblet Certified Trainer being thrown around but there has been a discussion on what a "Goblet branded" set of training materials or course would involve. The idea is that certain requirements have to be met to get this "Goblet branded" badge.

4.  Make it easier to publish, share, and refine training material.

I should have titled this "Embrace the Carpentry model for training materials."

The Galaxy Community has actually made a lot of progress on this independent of GOBLET.  There was a two day training material hackathon this month.  See here. (I'm hoping to have a summary in the November newsletter as well.)

As far as I can tell, GOBLET has not done anything with this.  

There is an item on this year's agenda about GOBLET's relationship with Software Carpentry, not about training materials per se.

5. Shared Training Datasets are Precious!

No progress from GOBLET here either.  However, Björn and Bérenice made progress on this for Galaxy during the October hackathon.

This year's list:

What should be on this year's list?  What are our priorities for the coming year?  How can GOBLET help us?  How can we help GOBLET?

I encourage you to post your ideas to this list.  I'll send my suggestions in a separate email as well.