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When we (UC Davis Bioinformatics Core) joined GOBLET in March, the only option was as an individual member.  So the membership is currently in my name, with profile links to our training website. 

Since the GTN participation in GOBLET is getting more attention, I'm wondering how can I change the membership from individual to UC Davis Bioinformatics Core (as part of GTN).  I looked a bit around the (sparse) GOBLET website, but only found a seemingly-public comment/contact form, no email addresses.

When I was sorting out getting Fourie added to the web site (but before I figured out how), Terri Atwood commented:
... Members of GOBLET either join as organisations
or as individuals. If joining as an organisation, it is the organisation that is the
member, not its constituent members (this is why there is also an 'individual
member' option). You can add as many people to your group as you wish,
including Fourie, but it won't make him an individual member, any more than
all those currently listed are individual members - Galaxy is the member, and
can be represented by whomsoever you choose from your group.
The 'deal' we did for Galaxy was somewhat unusual in terms of the way that
the organisational membership fee was raised - nevertheless, at the end of
the day, it was Galaxy that joined GOBLET, not 5 individuals.
My guess is that GOBLET will say that if UC Davis wants to be an organizational member then it has to join at the organizational level, and not as part of another organization such as the GTN.

Who is the particular person/email address who could answer this question?

GOBLET <info@mygoblet.org>
Also, for other GTN-GOBLET memberships, are they under the individual's name or group contact?

For the original 5 GOBLET membership funders, we are listed as individual GOBLET members affiliated with GTN.  Non-funders are listed as contributors, that are associated with GTN.  The only difference between the funders and the non-funders, is non-funders do not have a GOBLET icon by their name in the trainer directory (http://mygoblet.org/training-portal/trainers).

And how are they linked together to indicate they are GTN?

This is not shown on the trainer directory (for anyone, but perhaps it should be?).  You find out people's affiliations by clicking on their name, and then it is listed on their individual page.  For example:


points to both:


Not sure if any of this helps.  :-/

Discussion item for GOBLET meeting?

I think people's affiliations should be listed in the trainers directory.  I suggest right below their name, in non-bold characters.  This would link to the affiliation pages in the GOBLET website.

Thanks for the questions,

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