Hello all,

And here's the summary of the GOBLET meeting in Brisbane.


Dave C

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Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 5:21 PM
Subject: GOBLET AGM - some outcomes
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Dear All,

First of all, thanks to everyone for their massive contributions to the AGM - it
was great to see new (and young!) faces, and to feel the energy in the room!

One of the things we discussed was the mission and vision of GOBLET. Together,
we arrived at new drafts, which we hope better reflect GOBLET's raison d'être:

To unite, inspire and equip bioinformatics trainers worldwide

To cultivate the global bioinformatics trainer community, set standards and provide high-quality resources to support learning, education and training

We distilled the objectives (very roughly) as follows:
1. Portal - to become a pull mechanism and repository
2. Develop branded materials - e.g., Train the Trainer/Teacher packages, etc.
3. Training of a) trainers/teachers and b) users
4. Develop standards
5. Provide resources - surveys, best practice guidelines, icebreakers, technologies for classrooms
6. Fund our objectives
7. Offer network/community forum (e.g., biostars, ISCB connect)
8. Later priority: Trainer recognition – depends on evolution of GOBLET brand

We proposed to retain the GOBLET tag line: Empowering people, harnessing communities, networking networks

We welcome your thoughts on the new mission and vision, and on the objectives.

Best wishes, and thanks again for all your valuable input,

On behalf of the new executive board
Terri, Michelle, Celia, Annette