Hi All,

The workshop would be in Bloomington, Indiana, at Indiana University, the same venue at GCC2016.

So far we have 6 people that are interested.  I don't think we need 24 +1's to schedule this, but the more we have that say they are interested, the easier this is to justify.  I'm not willing to take the plunge if we still have only 6 people interested in 2 more weeks.

I'm planning on including this in the October Newsletter, which is going out in less than a week.  I might also create a specific Galaxy News Item about this before then.

If we do this, I would also promote the workshop outside the Galaxy and IU communities, but only after advertising it through Galaxy and IU channels for at least a few weeks.

Thanks everyone,

Dave C

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 11:38 AM, Dave Clements <clements@galaxyproject.org> wrote:
Hello all,

We are considering offering a Software Carpentry / Data Carpentry Train the Trainer workshop immediately before GCC2016.  This workshop would run for two days, and accommodate 24 people.  


This idea came up at the GCC2015 GTN BoF.  Software and Data Carpentry (S/DC) teach scientists core essentials of programming and data management. Their model is to train and certify trainers, and then provide a common curriculum and teaching infrastructure that enables those trainers to teach scientists how to program and manage data well.

We think a S/DC Train the Trainer workshop would be a huge benefit to the Galaxy Training community for many reasons:
  • The researchers we teach bioinformatics and Galaxy to would also benefit from learning S/DC. Becoming certified S/DC instructors would give us additional (and extremely useful) topics that we could also teach to our communities.
  • The techniques presented in S/DC Train the Trainer workshops are equally applicable to bioinformatics and Galaxy training. Attending a S/DC TTT workshop would improve the training we already do. 
  • The organizational and compute infrastructure supporting S/DC might make an excellent model for the Galaxy Training Network. S/DC has embraced technologies like GitHub for storing, sharing, and maintaining training materials and best practices.  We can learn from their significant experience to make GTN a much more vibrant community.

But, Should We?

However, before we put in the organizational effort (and funds) to make a Train the Trainer workshop happen at GCC2016, we'd like to know what the Galaxy Training community thinks of this proposal.

In particular:

1. Are S/DC techniques and training methods a good match for Galaxy trainers?  

We'd especially like to hear from you if are a certified SC or DC instructor.

2. Is the S/DC content a good match for the researchers that we train?

We'd especially like to hear from anyone who has attended an S/DC workshop.

3. Might the S/DC organizational and infrastructure make a good model for GTN?

4. Would you likely attend a Train the Trainer workshop before GCC2016?

The workshop would be in Bloomington, Indiana, most likely offered on Thursday-Friday, June 23-24.  Registration would likely be between US$200 and $300. (And no, that would not cover the costs - the workshop would be subsidized by some combination of the project and the meeting.)

If and when we decide that this is a good idea, I'll start getting everything arranged to make this happen.  Ideally, we would have a decision within a week or two.


Dave C