Hi Galaxy,

I am a user from Cornell University. And you website is a great help to me and my research. But there are two problems with it I cannot figure out by myself, hoping you can help me.

1. When I uploading the data via FTP, there's option of mouse reference genome mmp10. When I get to Tophat2, there's only mmp9. Is there a problem that I use mmp10 at the beginning and use mmp9 at tophat2? Or maybe you will update the tophat2?

2. I have around 50G space missing. I have one and only one history (at least I can see) with 171.5G, but when I checked my preference I used 225.2G. I don't know where the missing 50G count for then I don't know how to make room for my ongoing analysis. My user name is douyadou. Can you help me check for a min?