Hi Thomas, 
Did you try restarting the instance (from AWS console or CloudMan's Admin page (preferred))?

I just started a clean, new instance and everything setup just fine. If you still have trouble, try starting your cluster via biocloudcentral.org. Also, CloudMan's full log is available on the Admin page and there should be more info there about what is happening and thus more insight into why it failed so looking there may help.

Let us know if you still have trouble,

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 5:21 AM, Randall, Thomas (NIH/NIEHS) [C] <thomas.randall@nih.gov> wrote:

The last few times I have tried to initiate a galaxy instance on the cloud I have gotten messages like the following:


·  18:42:04 - Master starting

·  18:42:05 - Completed initial cluster configuration.

·  18:42:09 - Prerequisites OK; starting service 'SGE'

·  18:42:20 - Configuring SGE...

·  18:42:29 - Successfully setup SGE; configuring SGE

·  18:42:29 - Saved file 'persistent_data.yaml' to bucket 'cm-26cac39701f0918ab9a9dca54f69e925'

·  18:42:29 - Saved file 'cm_boot.py' to bucket 'cm-26cac39701f0918ab9a9dca54f69e925'

·  18:42:29 - Problem connecting to bucket 'cm-26cac39701f0918ab9a9dca54f69e925', attempt 1/5

·  18:42:32 - Saved file 'cm.tar.gz' to bucket 'cm-26cac39701f0918ab9a9dca54f69e925'

·  18:42:32 - Saved file 'test.clusterName' to bucket 'cm-26cac39701f0918ab9a9dca54f69e925'

·  18:44:34 - Initializing a 'Galaxy' cluster.

·  18:44:34 - Retrieved file 'snaps.yaml' from bucket 'cloudman' to 'cm_snaps.yaml'.

·  18:45:25 - Error mounting file system '/mnt/galaxyData' from '/dev/sdg3', running command '/bin/mount /dev/sdg3 /mnt/galaxyData' returned code '32' and following stderr: 'mount: you must specify the filesystem type '

·  18:45:27 - Prerequisites OK; starting service 'Postgres'

·  18:45:27 - PostgreSQL data directory '/mnt/galaxyData/pgsql/data' does not exist (yet?)

·  18:45:27 - Configuring PostgreSQL with a database for Galaxy...

·  18:45:39 - Prerequisites OK; starting service 'Galaxy'

·  18:45:39 - Setting up Galaxy application

·  18:45:40 - Retrieved file 'universe_wsgi.ini.cloud' from bucket 'cloudman' to '/mnt/galaxyTools/galaxy-central/universe_wsgi.ini'.

·  18:45:40 - Retrieved file 'tool_conf.xml.cloud' from bucket 'cloudman' to '/mnt/galaxyTools/galaxy-central/tool_conf.xml'.

·  18:45:40 - Retrieved file 'tool_data_table_conf.xml.cloud' from bucket 'cloudman' to '/mnt/galaxyTools/galaxy-central/tool_data_table_conf.xml.cloud'.

·  18:45:40 - Starting Galaxy...

·  18:45:51 - Saved file 'persistent_data.yaml' to bucket 'cm-26cac39701f0918ab9a9dca54f69e925'

·  18:49:34 - Galaxy daemon not running.

·  18:49:34 - Galaxy service state changed from 'Starting' to 'Error'

·  18:49:35 - Saved file 'persistent_data.yaml' to bucket 'cm-26cac39701f0918ab9a9dca54f69e925'

·  18:49:41 - Galaxy daemon not running.

·  18:49:58 - Galaxy daemon not running.

·  18:50:15 - Galaxy daemon not running.


I am using 861460482541/galaxy-cloudman-2011-03-22, which is supposed to be the current version.



Thomas Randall, PhD

Bioinformatics Scientist, Contractor

Integrative Bioinformatics

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

P.O. Box 12233, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709




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