I am using Galaxy Main;
On 8/1/2013, and after 'trimming sequences' on my 'FASTQ groomed' data, I attempted to align my (single-end) 'trimmed sequences' output data to 'hg19 Canonical male' with 'Map with Bowtie for Illumina' 

It is now 8/3/2013, and the  'Map with Bowtie for Illumina' job has been 'waiting to run' >+48hrs. I have 're-newed' the history several times, but have not deleted or re-run the original job for fear of losing my place in the queue. To check if 'canonical male' was the problem, I queued a second alignment to be 'mapped w/bowtie for Illumina' against hg19 (no sex); this job has also not run after being queued mor than 24 hours ago. Can you tell me if the delay is because I've done something incorrectly or if there's some action I can take to speed things?

your help is deeply and sincerely appreciated

(Theresa) Ryan Stueve
Department of Preventive Medicine
Ite Laird-Offringa Lab
NTT 6420